Aging Attorney

Support for the Aging Attorney

Senior-aged lawyers who have maintained sharp minds and continued to practice their craft want more than a traditional retirement. But with the graying of the bar comes a new host of concerns. Cognitive decline due to health issues leading to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease figure prominentlyColleagues, clients, families, and a law practice will all be adversely affected.

If you or someone you know is experiencing age related or cognitive issues in the practice of law, LCL-CT can help. Decode the signs. Typically, lawyers facing cognitive difficulties encounter time and place disorientation, problems with abstract thinking, short-term memory loss, difficulty with language and problems performing familiar tasks, all of which jeopardize maintaining a thriving law practice.

LCL-CT can discreetly and with great sensitivity help navigate the difficulties that aging lawyers face. We can educate and provide support to colleagues and family members on how to address issues relating to aging lawyers in their care, assist an older attorney in professionally closing a law practice, and help to ensure that a proud and blemish-free legal career is concluded with dignity. Don’t hesitate to make a confidential call if you are seeking support. Help is here.