Frequently Asked Questions

What is LCL-CT?

LCL-CT is Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers,  Connecticut’s lawyer assistance program providing crisis intervention and referral services to the Connecticut legal community.

What can LCL-CT do for me?

LCL-CT offers free and confidential support to attorneys, law students, judges and, in some cases, family members.

What kind of support?

LCL-CT can provide rapid intervention, peer support, free and
confidential access to attorney only support groups and mental
health services.

Who besides lawyers may utilize LCL-CT?

Retired lawyers, disbarred lawyers,  law students, immediate family members of lawyers, and judges.

What should I expect if I call LCL-CT?

Calls are confidential. A first name only should suffice.  General questions and situations may be discussed immediately.  There is no downside to at least reaching out and getting information.

Will anyone know if I called? Is there a way others can find out?

All calls are confidential and protected by C.G.S. § 51-81d. No information may be released.  

What if I am calling about a colleague who is struggling or in trouble?

Whether or not you are calling about yourself or someone else, your call is confidential.  Any information you provide cannot be disclosed without your consent. 

Is there counseling available at LCL-CT?

Every lawyer that comes through LCL-CT is entitled to six free counseling sessions with a therapist utilized by LCL.  All arrangements must be made through LCL. 

Will I need to use my health insurance? Are records kept?

There are no fees and no clinical records whatsoever.  No information ever comes back to the LCL-CT office.