Law Students

Support For Law Students

Law school is difficult. The environment is highly competitive and there are times when one may feel totally overwhelmed.  We understand the intense level of stress and also that stress can evolve into anxiety, depression, anger and burnout. 

For law students struggling with mental health or substance use issues, LCL-CT is here to help. LCL-CT services are available to students at all three Connecticut law schools. Services include up to six mental health sessions per calendar year with a mental health professional utilized by LCL-CT.

Every service provided through LCL-CT is 100% confidential and 100% free.


What does LCL-CT offer law school students?
  • Services extend to law students in Connecticut’s three law schools.  As noted, contact with LCL-CT is private, confidential and not available to law school staff without the permission of the student.
If I seek support at LCL-CT, am I required to report my interest in assistance to the Bar Examining Committee?
  • No.  All contact with LCL-CT is private and confidential.
Are there any support groups available to law students?

Currently, LCL-CT has a 12-step meeting, a women’s support group meeting, and a mental health support group. All are available law students. Call us at 860-563-4900 for details or send your confidential question to